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Hangar Floor

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Hey everyone, I know this is a Heli site, although my question is regarding a 22,000 sq ft aircraft hangar in northern alberta. We have a concrete floor, and I am wondering how to coat/paint it. I know I need to acid etch it first, then so far I have come with with the Armor Poxy II SYSTEM http://www.armorpoxy.com/commercial-floors...s/armorpoxy-ii/ I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas or thoughts, or what have you guys used. We are going to have a high traffic hangar with planes in and out and also jets.



Thanks alot Everyone, I appreciate it Much.




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Epoxy floor paint works very well and lasts longer than laytex. The main problem is that it is very potent stuff and requires the use of a respirator when applying. I would mix a little silica sand in areas that will be high foot traffic to add a little grip. Helpful when the floor is wet or people have snow on their boots. For an added touch, you can add stripes along areas where you want people to walk.


Hope that helps.


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we used Endura concrete coating on the floor in our new hanger and it worked great!! 3 coats in total 1 endura primer, and then 2 of the top coat. only draw back as said is that is very slick when wet and I wish we had done the sand thing. take your time on the prep work we degreased twice and then did two acid apps just to make sure.

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I would go with the contractor after I painted a hangar floor in Calgary a few years ago. Sick for a week after and our weener DOM was the one who wanted to save a few $$.

FWIW Here are my suggestions after my experiences with the new SAIT hangar 10,000+sq ft floor

1. Make sure the contractor is aware that skydrol is a very corrosive fluid and the epoxy/endura type paint is required. Don't know if the paint you are planning will meet this.

2. Watch out that they do not add extra thinners so it cures quicker-this will result in many little bubbles and a very hard finish so when you drop a wrench it chips the paint.

3. The floor and sub-surface must be dry dry dry otherwise subterranean moist ure will wick up through the floor and the paint will peel.

4. Do not go with pure white paint. It is too hard on the eyes. We used a very light light addition of some grey which made the floor bright but not to the extent that you couldn't see fluids on the floor (AKA Shell Aerocentre YYC)

5. If you are in YYC drop over and take a look at our floor as I think it is the best colour I have seen.

6. We didn't use any grit and the floor isn't slippery

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