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Careers To Fall Back On?

Guest plumber

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I'm thinking you could roll your house of ill repute and grow operation into one big crime syndicate. Think big!


Hmmm.... you're right. I never thought of that. One business plan...coming up!!


ps- Are you accepting resumes? I have a line on a couple of man-whores to get you started. ;)


I am accepting resumes. But no Pilots, only Engineers. I want employees that won't fade and whine after servicing only four customers back to back. :up: :up:



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Sorry Plumber if you thought it was a hijack.

Most of us don't like to dwell on said subject so the thread may have taken a lighthearted zig to the right. :huh:

O.K. If I lost my ticket to ride I would probably fall back on......nope.....nope not that .....not healthy enough for that.....I guess it would have to be MAN WHORE!! BWAAHAAHAA!


Seriously after 20 years in the gig, flying is all I know. But perhaps a support roll in aviation somewhere.



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