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Wandering Nomad

Good To See The Priorities!

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Xcuse my ignorance, i know what Ammor is bur what's Ammo??? Cigar???


Ammunition....as in bullets, as in rifle, as in handgun, as in "Bang-Bang", no more Ammor for you!! :D :D :D


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PM me the adress....and i will.....no joke!



Holy Moses Sling... What X said. I'll do you're homework for you just this once though...aeroads.ca.

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I thought you already had a job Sling?




Thats right VX, i got one. Don't misunderstand me, theres not harm playing the hooker just a bit....We never know what happen right!

Machines are washed, vacuumed, my stuff ready and snow melted around the anger because of me dancing around to much.

Just waiting here, Boss is a little quiet... :)

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No address!!!


Sling are you for real ???



AeroAds says ..... ( and I have highlighted the IMPORTANT PARTS )


Helicopter Pilot


looking for contract pilot for 09 season, experience 206b, as315b,MBB bo 105ls , should have,firearms PAC certificate,have held a hunting and fishing license in the past 3 years and play hockey, all considered an asset. opportunity to invest in aircraft may be dicussed ....please submit resumes to [email protected] no phone calls please,successful applicants will be contacted thanks Dunc



Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 250 505 3905

Fax: 250 505 5011 Address: 1413 nelson b.c. v1l-4c5




For more info, I googled DAM HELICOPTERS and behold -- Dam Helicopters


This search took me under 3 seconds...

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