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Good To See The Priorities!

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Boss a little Quiet Hmm sounds like he reads the forums Might want to think about what you write


Hmmmm!you wish you were right !!! Don't waste your time on me Freddie, I am totally assuming myself, even if the boss are here. I might be a character or a short fuse... ;) but in a team work environment, your best body... :)

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Sling are you for real ???



AeroAds says ..... ( and I have highlighted the IMPORTANT PARTS )


Helicopter Pilot


looking for contract pilot for 09 season, experience 206b, as315b,MBB bo 105ls , should have,firearms PAC certificate,have held a hunting and fishing license in the past 3 years and play hockey, all considered an asset. opportunity to invest in aircraft may be dicussed ....please submit resumes to Dunc@damhelicopters.com no phone calls please,successful applicants will be contacted thanks Dunc



Email: dunc@damhelicopters.com

Telephone: 250 505 3905

Fax: 250 505 5011 Address: 1413 nelson b.c. v1l-4c5




For more info, I googled DAM HELICOPTERS and behold -- Dam Helicopters


This search took me under 3 seconds...

Thanks 3BX2. Neat machine...Who wants to by it with me???? :P

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Guest plumber
Good guy, good driver...and if memory serves a bottle of Scotch attached to the resume would go a long way!


I recall alot of tylenol being in order several times after talking helicopters with Dunc. Good guy and alot of fun to hang out with.


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Hey Jim I think I get it . When I started in this industry I had a fishing Licence ,a Hunting licence my wife tells me I had a problem with drinking.Just last week I went to the Government office and got my Hunters number and my son won a fishing rod but I think i can enjoy the Scotch in my old age.17 years of working and I think I am going to enjoy this summer as much as I enjoyed the first two years of flying.I predict that I will post pics of Greyling ,Dead bison and also a dead single malt to make a treo.


OK gents lets go out this summer and have a summer to remember. Keep the spinny side up and passengers safe.I hope to see you all out and about.

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