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Bush Boxes

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I recently started looking at upgrading my own bush box. Having seen the Pelican 0450 i phoned around to get some pricing on it. Its not cheap. Without foam, and with the standard configuration of 6 narrow drawers (1" deep) and 1 deep drawer (2") it will run you around 750.00 canadian. That is if you can get one. Being the slick little boxes that they are there is a major back order for them. (Incidentally if they tickle your fancy. Optimal cases in calgary will be getting the first batch in to canada)


The other thing i learned in digging around is that the 0450 is based on a military kit. In the american forces it is called the GMTK or the General mechanic tool kit. It was built by two ddifferent vendors in the states. You can purchase these but they will run around 550.00 american, and shipping into canada costs an arm and a leg.


That being the situation i decided to build my own. I bought a pelican 1650. (Wi/ wheels, and a handle) Installed the pelican 1659 in the lid (Marketed as a camera accesory organizer) I then built a hinging layer into the case to keep my most oftened used tools on the surface, and the lessor used ones below. The tools than were split up into sandwhich containers that were velcroed to the layers, or tied down with shock cord.


Anyways here is the finished product. A little heavy but under the airline weight restrictions.





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wow kato, that looks pretty good.

That's exactly what I'm looking for/or building.

I like to ship my tools as baggage not as cargo. The empty weight of the pelican 1650 25.77 lb with foam. That only leaves 24.33 lb of tools. I prefer to use a smaller case without wheels. The 1450 or 1550. The idea is to find the lightest case possible. This is AC after all. I sacrifice the convenience of the wheels again because they add weight. I buy 2 dollar plastic tool boxes from Canadian tire, and use them as organizers. This plus my ready bag (medics bag) of most used tools in my duffle bag of personal cloths keeps me pretty close to the 2 x 50lb. If I this is not enough I have a rubber maid action packer (86L?), very light and reasonably strong for rain gear and tools that are to big. The whole idea for me is the most tools for the weight, organization comes second. I look at kato's great job and I just see wasted space and weight. Underwater Knietics is another option. They have military style latches that cannot be beat and typically are less expensive than pelican. I have one and have been shipping it overseas for 6 years. So far so good.

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