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New Tv Show - Heli-loggers

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just watched it and while it wasn't too bad, i sure wish TV would quit showing the view from the office on final from a 500 and then show a 206 landing... sheesh.... <_< :angry:


It is entertaining to watch...


I just watched 15 second scene: 206 on approach, 500 short final, belly shot of 206 touching down, crew getting into a 500. The whole time the sound is of a 206. Funny!











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... Then the edit people take over.

The videography was good but the story line and script were pretty sad. What's with the bullbucker owning all the wood? Wouldn't they just be contracting to Helifor?


As usual, no mention of the pilot skill, judgment and experience involved. Who gets their sorry arses off the hill in the fog and fading light? Even when they don't get the pad finished? I've never flown logs but I know that there is tremendous skill and judgment required to move everything fast and safely, especially with long turns. Despite their overall tone of doom, the heli-logging racket has a pretty good safety record.


Falling, not so good. But, considering the risks, could be worse. The climbers were sucked into acting more like clowns than serious, skilled workers.


I'll watch the next one just for the scenery with the mute button on and locked!


Cheers . . . .


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I loved the way they portrayed the fallers!


Clowns? hardly. They work hard and play hard. thought it was the most honest part of the show.

especially the jagerbombs at the end!


OMG ENGINE out....i thought i was in for some excitment.nope....the old tranny sliver strikes again! Haha....


wheres the footage of the engineers falling asleep on the barge between cycles with the latest hustler on their lap opened to the beaver hunt! :) :)

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I watched it last night, and kept hoping that it would "get better" but never really did. It just reinforces my resolve not to watch any more reality shows! They are not too close to reality.


Sad thing is, that now the public will think this is the "real thing"...


And if I hear, "...it's worth $15000 per hour..." one more time, I'll probably just loose it completely.


It's off my 'to do" list from now on...

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