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New Tv Show - Heli-loggers

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"Clowns? hardly. They work hard and play hard. thought it was the most honest part of the show.

especially the jagerbombs at the end!"


So puking off the tree because they were so hung over and F-bombs every third word is a good portrayal?

What about the crack pipe reference in the pub at the end right after the jagerbombs?


I think the Coulson show was done way better. Mayco only dropped the F-bomb every 5-6th word :)


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I saw the program today and i can't say nothing bad from it. actually, i loved it. Just wish i could be there driving the 500, freakin neat machine...

I did learn a bit how logging is going on over there, the fraternity is something you don't see every day, seems to be lots of fun and hard work too.

The flying look to be really challenging, even in the support machine...

Didn't know cedar was that expensive, I've always wondering how pieces of wood would be worth a 15000/hrs Chinook....now i know.

I have lots of respect upon Heli logging by now and sure hope to end up over there one day...taking Bob's place. ;)

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