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Offshore Helicopter Involved In Incident: Coast Guard

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I just watched the 5 o'clock (mountain) on CBC...a brief mention of the accident and then 'on to other news'...SHAME ON YOU CBC...this is a major event, many faimiles are having the worst evening of their lives and it is all but overlooked, and there may be men and women waiting in the water for help...who gives a F$CK what's happening at the space station at a time like this!!! This should have much better coverage...hopefully at 6. Thanks for letting me vent. And yes...I'm heading to CBC to post my anger. I'm so mad I could scream.



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Still watching...looks like The National will have full coverage...but they're still blabbing about the auto industry...who FUK!NG CARES AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!


My heart aches for those waiting for news and even more for those who may be in the water.



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