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Charles (chuck) Morrice - Rip

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The industry has lost another good friend - Chuck Morrice finally conceded his long battle with cancer this week. A wonderful man, a solid pilot, and a talented engineer with exceptional knowledge and a cheery personality - he will be missed.


If you'll forgive me I'll relate a personal story about Chuck.


When I worked at Bell, he was in Product Support, and worked to help customers sort out their problems. Since he had a pilot licence, but was far from current, we would somethimes call on him to come fly so we could evaluate new emergency procedures on someone who was, let's say, a little behind the curve. He would refer to himself as our "min-spec pilot, that by which all other min-spec pilots are judged".


Chuck, my friend, you were certainly not a min-spec person, and enriched the lives of everyone who knew you with your integrity and infectious positive attitude. Thanks for all you taught me.

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