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Point taken Skullcap. I'm not a pilot so I hadn't thought of that senario. When I said the school and instructor don't matter much, I was assuming that most flight schools will give you an average curriculum and training. Of course if you take into account the lousy flight schools/instructors and the outstanding ones, then the school you pick for training will make a huge difference as to how and when you eventually get your foot in a company's door!!!

I'm not a fanatic of the R22 either by the way, my fave is by far the Astar. I just think that when the R22/R44 is flown the way it was intended to in the proper context, it's a very reliable little machine.

If nothing else HUEYLOVER, you definately brought out a whole bunch of different opinions on this subject.

Let us know how your nephew makes out!!! :D

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