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####, I don't deal with tarifs all that much since I'm in charge of the maintenance but I can tell you we've lost many contracts because we weren't willing to drop our rates below a certain point. It's pretty tempting to give the iron out at rock bottom price just to get the work but at the end of the day, you haven't made any money anyways!

We're all guilty of letting the A/C go to work at below normal tarif at one point or another and it will probably keep on happening until **** freezes over or the government decides to regulate the hourly tariffs.

By the way, I drive a six year old half ton and if it wasn't for my wife bringing in a decent wage, I'd be driving a friggin Chevette!!!!

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Guest graunch1

Like the owner on the wet coast who used to bring his Rolls to the ATAC conference or the one who told employees one day at lunch that he was tired of going to Hawaii all the time, or the one who couldn't afford to pay bills in YYC but had a nice yacht sitting in Fort Lauderdale or the AMO owner who spent $$$Millions watching his kid prove that he couldn't drive race cars <_<


Unfortunately too many owners of companies - both operators and AMOs use the company to skim off the profit into their own pocket by buying these Harleys, Rolls, race cars etc then wonder why their employees take a hike when a better paying job appears.


I've done it a couple times from these type of swine with no regrets other than I shoulda' left sooner.

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I'll tell you what, I'd sure like to know where all that money came from for those owners to buy Rolls Royces and Yatchs Graunch!!!!!

I'm also curious to see how much money those owners put back in the company on improvements and infrastructure.

I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't see new paint jobs very often and decent company vehicles and nice radio packages in the A/C etc.

Those things all cost a bundle and don't necessarily bring in any more revenue but they sure go a long way to boost employee morale and we all know how much more productive happy employees are!!!!!!

As far as I'm concerned, a little bit of dough spent on infrastructure go a lot farther than you might think. At least it does if you have the right kind of employees.

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the only guys that do that is Highland and Alpine from what is saw.BUT I have yet to see a company put any money into the engineers though,For all the bad things about NMh,The guys there got training,and every document that came out that you were endorsed on,you got a copy from Simon.Where else does an 800 hr pilot get to be a base manager,or have endorsements on at least 3-4 ships<or get 5 minutes notice that you need to ferry the 500 to South America,only to be sent back again once you get there..and a mountain course..

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