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If Bell engineers have any brains, they'll build an 120 lookalike but without the stupid stuff eurocopter put in it: more power, front windows that can be replaced without a special bonding process and a three day curing wait (whatever happened to good ol screws and nuts??) and so on. I've been bad mouthing Bell eversince I started working on Astars but I have to admit Eurocpter came up with some pretty idiotic ideas on what should otherwise have been a revolutionary helicopter!!! The EC120 is pretty a pretty spiffy A/C but not very bush friendly.

Hopefully Bell will keep our industry in mind as they design these new helicpopters instead of catering to the American "airport to airport" market, like all the other manufacturers do!

And another thing, there should be a law that prohibits any helicopter from having a main rotor head design that doesn't allow for blades removal in 50 seconds or less!!!

(think Astars people!!!!!!!)

Anyway, end of rant!! :D

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Though we don't know the exact details of this incident, it does sound similar to many other past tragedies in the U.S....


night VFR

medevac for profit

bad weather

unlit landscape

single pilot

single engine


It all sounds as scary as a certain Helicopter Pilots Association I have heard of.....

I don't want to sign-on for either.

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