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#### - Try being in the aviation publishing industry, its been a steep learning curve, as Mike from Vertical will also verify. Dealing with some of the companies means you have to go through their advertising agencies. One company I deal with pays the ad agency three months after the ad has gone in and then the agency pays us about three months after that, so its six months down the track before we get anything.


I used to be a little slack paying contributors but pulled out the finger and now do so as soon as the magazine comes out. I know one magazine in the UK that pays 120 days after publication.


Heli Ops

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Worked one season for them when it was CTHI with 204's and 206's. No worse, no better than other companies but they always were one of the lowest bidders for contracts if you know what I mean and what that entails for pilots and engineers.





Agusta Aerospace Corporation, the U.S. branch of Agusta, an Agusta Westland Company, along with Canadian Territorial Helicopters is excited to announce the acquisition of the first A119 Koala in Canada. With the introduction of the new aircraft Canadian Territorial presents a new name, new logo and new image. With the same owners, Joe & Kim Barr, our commitment to our customers and safety remains as always our top priority.


Canadian Territorial Helicopters has been in operation since 1985, with a fleet of helicopters working across Canada. Our long history in the industry specializing in forest fire suppression gives us the knowledge to know our customers and respond to the market with confidence. According to Joe Barr, "the Koala operates more efficiently which means a higher degree of safety and less maintenance costs passed on to the customer. Speed makes the A119 Koala able to complete any task in less time making it more economical because of reduced hourly direct operating costs. Also, the cost per passenger mile is of the lowest. With its advanced technology, the Koala surpasses any other helicopter in its class".


With the new A119 Koala, Canadian Territorial Helicopters is pleased to announce J.B. Air as the new company name. J.B. Air is moving forward with the expertise acquired by Canadian Territorial Helicopters and the reputable Agusta A119 Koala. Our organization is proud of its history, serving our customers needs effectively, and with a vision of the future clear.


With the addition of this state of the art aircraft, we plan to expand our business to include film work, heli-skiing, and seismic. Our future plans also include a second Koala in 2003 with a support system and Agusta Service Center located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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