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What Are My Prospects?


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I don't know if this will help, but just to give you an example of the kind of money that's out there, I'm desperately looking for an AME to move here for a permanent position. My other AME last year made $68000 cdn which includes getting 3 months off.

All we have is R44's, Bell JetRangers, Astars and Mediums. If we have an average year, my engineers are all guaranteed to make $60000 plus and I still have a hard time finding someone to fill the position.

Anyway, if you know of any one looking for a change, let me know!

When I worked in the Arctic, I was making over $70000/year but after 5 years of spending more time in camps than at home, the wife put a stop to that!!!!!!!

From what I heard, the pay is usually better in rotary but it's also relative to your location and the type of iron you're working on.

The excitement value is also definitely higher in rotary than in fixed wing!

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Pilot/AME's (P/A's) aren't quite in as much demand as they used to be. I think it's because most engineers that become pilots stop engineering sooner or later. There have also been problems with some P/A's in the field, when they were expected to maintain their own bird, with the maintenance being neglected because of a lack of motivation or most often, the guy's flying day is just too long and after being out in the field for 10-12 hours, the last thing he/she wants to do is start a 100 hrs inspection.

A pilot engineer would fit in perfectly in many organizations because he can become an engineer in the winter instead of moping the floor, fixing nets etc.

As far as pay, I don't think you'd get a whole lot more for being a P/A unless that is exactly what the company needs. If that's the case, I would imagine full pilot's wage and some sort of bonus for any maintenance done which would end up being about 1 1/2 time the normal pilot's wage.

I don't want to knock P/A's down, I'm just saying that unless you've made sure to keep current and interested in the maintenance side of your career, your engineer's ticket will be seen as a convenient comodity as opposed to making you some sort of golden child with your next employer.

Then again, if you knock on the right door, you could blow my theory all to sh_t!!!

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I bet this year will be a memorable one for the 500 guys,with the blade ad.and no one wanting to work on them...

I have the dual rating,but never found anyone that had a love of dual rated guys,so I just wrench a bit now.I don't think I would ever advise anyone to get their pilots licence,as well as their ame.It is a good backup to have the ame ticket,as you only have to fail your medical,and you are without a job as a pilot..

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I also have experience in both fixed and rotary wing and for sure the demand is now with experienced AME's in Rotary. I have a good source that says that CHL would hire several AME's tomorrow (not apprentices) if they were available. Pay wise lets just say I haven't been happier since the late 80's. Light fixed wing maintenance doesn't pay nearly as well and airline maintenance is better but almost always seems to be unionised. I have also found that Canadian AME's are welcomed to the states to do A&P work based on our lisenceing rules which would be in either fixed or rotary fields, downside there is living in the USA.

All personal opinions of course

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