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Whats It Worth.

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What are you earning now, and why do you want to know how much your CP should be making? By your use of upper case letters you are shouting some of your words. If your commpany has a pay scale and you are in line with it then there's a good chance it is similar to other companies. If there is no official pay scale let us in on what you get and you may get more info.


CP's will earn anywhere from 3000 month to 8500 month depending on size of company. Generally they earn it. In my opinion it is the company check pilots and instructors in this industry who(if experienced people) are the underpaid folks.



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From my experience Pitch, the money can vary quite a bit depending on what you do. With 1000 hours you should be making something that adds up to 100 bucks an hour more or less. Just figure out the salary for a year and your average annual hours and work it out. Now sometimes bigger companies pay less because all the useless office staff drain the payroll, If a smaller company really appreciates the work you do and all of their customers speak highly of you, then at 1000 hours you can make the same money as a 5000 hour pilot... ;)

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So, if the 1000 hour pilot is making what the 5000 hour pilot is, then what does the 1000 hour pilot make when he gets to 5000 hours? As a 1000 hour pilot I also believed that there wasn't much I couldn't do and thought should make the same as the higher time guys, then lo and behold I started to learn again and by the time I got 6000 hours started to think that there was a ton of stuff left to learn and pulled my head out of my arse. There is no substitute for experience.



As far as the useless people of payroll, it should be relative unless you are a one man show, then the overhead is low. The size of the company should not matter it is the type of management that matters and who they hire. Yes sometimes at larger companies there is some dead wood but in general is not limited to office staff but rental truck drivers as well(pilots who don't give a crap). I find this type of talk amusing and wonder how new pilots react to hearing it, as Canadians we have a pretty good rep worldwide but if you were to read some of these posts you'd think that we are goiing back in time. Maybe have some respect for those experienced fellas and they may even share more of their knowledge, cause you can bet with this attitude they aren't telling you everything they know.


The most dangerous point in a pilot's career is the 700 hour mark. It still does stink, wait for it.



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Yes #### that is true, you can ask how a large company with a few insurance claims in a year can get one of the lowest insurance rates in Canada, mmmmmmoney talks. There are huge benifits that large companies take advantage of which helps offset the large overhead. Biggist mistake most small to medium size companies make is too much overhead, but sometimes is a necessary evil, the amount of personnel it takes to run a 10 helicopter company can also run a 30 helicopter company, this is why some stay a comfortable level of 5 or so aircraft, who can blame them?


A lot of the stuff behind the scenes doesn't happen by magic and these people are often more dedicated than people believe, there are alot of low paid folks doing hard work to keep the front lines happening, it is a two way street, we must never forget it.



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I find this type of talk amusing and wonder how new pilots react to hearing it

I'm in new in the heli world, but been around flying (FW cough cough) for the past 2 years.....I luckily learned very quickly to believe very little of what you read, no matter where you read it. :P Take everything cautiously.....great discussions on here, but may be hard to pull actual facts out of here.....


I think it is much to hard to specualte how much a 1000hr pilot should be making....what type of op is he doing? EMS? offshore? fires? bush? too many variables. just my opinion.

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