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Whats It Worth.

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:( Sorry due to the increase fuel price to feed my bohemuth cadillac suv the bonus this year has been downsized to almonds.


But I promise that if we make 30% return then will definately go all out and buy a round of drinks(during happy hour).


That was my Rudy P imitation speech.


I promise to try and be nicer :mellow:


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1800 per month and 18 canadian and hour. Thats a joke for any pilot in this age, unless the company paid for your helicopter rating. I know one job I started in 1998 was 2700/mnth and 50/ hr. and then went up at the 1500 hr. mark. I had 1000 or so when I started that job. I am new in the industry as well, and keep wondering why on this forum that you can't get a straight answer on some of these simple questions for younger pilots .With all the senior pilots that are on here all the time, you would think they could share some straight answers instead of the same old lines day in and day out. Maybe this is the wrong forum for pitch links question, is there a better place to go for his answer?

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Sounds like you are a little on the low side, any bush pay or such? I checked with bigger co's you should be at least 2000 month and 40 hourfor production ll, and 30 othewise. away fom base at 25 a day. Sometimes if you are with the same company that brought you up from the beginning they believe you owe them something and keep your pay down. Have seen many an engineer quit then come back a few months later with a substantial pay raise. Pilots usually the same(sometimes coming back with medium endorsement and time) this strange phenomeana(sp) is becoming more and more popular, not something I like as it lends alot of unpredictability to your workforce but then allows someone else to put the money out for training and such. I still don't like it though.


Good Luck :up: :up:

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I believe our brodurs from the est are paying much more, but another company did the same thing 10 years ago to "aquire" more pilots.


My opinion on this is neither good or bad practice. Sometimes a shake up is needed. What happened previously was bad in that they actually approached the crews on the job sites with high dollars and a lot left in short order. New machines became crap in a few years and took alot to get back up to speed and now are pretty much like everyone elses. It all cyclical. What comes around goes around.

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