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Whats It Worth.

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Hi N.O.E.........I suspect the reasons that senior pilots on this site don't give straight answers is because many people are identifiable (despite their pen-names), but more than that I think it is because there are too many variables to the answer. R22 Captain summed-up this very well on the previous page.


The senior pilots also don't share many tales about events that gave them grey hair, even when asked.

That's just the nature of the web.


These sorts of questions are usually answered when they are asked in-person over a coffee, or several beers.


Pitch-link,... those wages do sound low..........it might be time to make some calls to see if anyone else is hiring.........however, the business is quiet just now so maybe you will have to stay with a low paying job until fires start to burn. Good luck.

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Let me put this in perspective for you'all. In 1981, that's 23 years ago, Shirley Air was paying me $2,000 a month, $20 an hour and $50 a day bush pay to fly a Jet Stranger for them. Mind you that was before the Trudeau Liberals enacted the National Energy Program and put about a hundred helicopter companies out of business.


From the sounds of some of the replies pay for VFR work has actually gotten worse even without factoring in inflation.

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Right now the highest you can go on a coastal company = large is 3150 month plus flight pay, 40 lights +ll, 65 medium + ll. Bush pay is variable but I believe is 25 in south. the logging crew is higher = different company.



cyclic primate; The reason that there may be reluctance to share stories has been on my mind since posted awhile ago. I believe you are in part right that people are identifiable but also I can remember doing training with a fella afew years ago and pretty much all he did was go on about stories where he screwed up but come out ok. I finally asked him politely to stfu as was tired of listening to how stupid he was but how his luck and extrordinary skill saved him. Was beginning to have a great lack of confidence in him actually. It is such a fine line to walk where you are a hero or a goat and a lot of us don't mind sharing their hero/goat stories with friends or colleagues in an environment that you can see by there faces how they are reacting to it. Here it is impossible(unless a very skilled writer=not me) to be able to set the exact tone and inflection to your story. If there was a way to have you experiences edited to ensure you come across like a heroic goat(sheep perhaps to some :up: ) then perhaps more would come out.




I know that there is also a factor of the story being used a ammo against you if your competition thinks that you should be ridiculed to benefit their cause to a customer. I know this happens in real world settings such as fires or large jobs when competition becomes an issue. One seismic company, who will remain nameless, used to promote competion between heli companies until there was a very tragic loss of a young pilot then had to leap up an down profusely to claim innocence and now have supposedly gone away from multiple co's on jobs.


Personally have heard stuff I supposedly had done, but like any story by the time it goes the circle just ain't da same no more.



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:down: Pitch Link, you are seriously being taken advantage of buddy... Whoever your employer is, they are bending you over. 10 years ago when I started flying, I was paid 1800 a month and 20 bucks an hour and that was with a whole 160 hours of flight time. If you are decent on a longline man, find something else. You should be making double that money, I fly seismic, have 5000 hours, and I make 215\day, 65\hour. But even at 1000 hours I was getting way more than what you are being paid. I'm not trying to make you feel bad, just help you. It's about time we start sticking together, and give people some straight facts about the money we should be making for the level of skill and dedication the job requires. My advice is to find another job as soon as possible but to leave on good terms if you can. <_<

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There are sooooo many variables as to what a guy is worth....and just as many variables to what a guy should expect to be paid in this industry.


If you are on a base of 4000 a month, working a steady 2 on and 2 off :D , thats a whole different story than a guy thats on 4000 a month base and working 4 (or more) weeks on, and 2 (or less) weeks off :wacko: .


10 years ago at 1000 hrs I started a contract with a wage guarantee of 50 G's min for the first year. Had to work my *** off though...time off....not a lot thats for sure. Lots of hours and unlimited opportunities to learn so it was more than worth it.


There are so many differnt ways to structure your pay... one way to think about it is annual pay divided by the number of days you didnt get to sleep in your own bed. (if your a pool pilot)


ramble ramble ramble.....

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Good luck with your new job Pitch Link.


Maybe, just maybe, if you belonged to an assoc. with enough members, you might be able to set up some perameters as to what to expect from employers at different stages of flight hours and experience.


You will of course not get any help from the so called "old timers" as they have already feathered there respective nests and or provided the neccessary BJ's.




Don McDougall

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Probably aren't many on here who would take anything I say as being acceptable to them Don, but I can understand your comment about the older guys to some degree.


Oh, by the way what is a BJ, is it something like vortex ring state?


Sorry to sound so inexperienced but I do try and learn...................


Rev. Chas W

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