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Sable Rigs Getting Evactuated?

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Can you rent fully armed B-52's? If not then invite to the USAF to train on Tuesday upcurrent of the platforms.

That's funny, we thought about that.


We did three night flights on the night of the seventh/eighth and finished off with the day crew on the eighth. Loading my last trip at about 3:30am, I had a passenger ask if we could fly over and take a look (pitch black out with 2000' overcast), I politely said No. We could see it on the radar as a monitoring ship was shut down drifting with it, straight towards the jack-up rig. We might be re-manning it tomorrow.



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... with six aircraft guzzling the good stuff.



Correction, it was a total of six flights with four aircraft. For some reason, I am not able to edit the earlier post.


Nice day here today.


Also, I would like to give photo credit to Vertical Mag for the avatar, slightly modified by Sikorsky.



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