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Canoe Slinging


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Please, please put them on a long line. How to rig them together is a tough one, :( never had to sling more than one at a time, maybe two together, with two more hanging below? I would be worried about them banging into one another if tied together, Good luck. Go slow and be very careful.



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To sling one canoe, hang it vertically on a long-line, and tie a tree branch ONTO the canoe to act as a tail so it doesn't spin. (Tying a tree branch or tire etc. onto a rope on the bottom won't stop it from spinning).


For four canoes, tie the ugliest creation you can so it won't start flying by itself, brief the customer that it will be a slow trip, and plan your fuel accordingly.


This stuff is not an exact science, there are no rules, just be safe and you'll have a great story to tell, (and post a photo here when it's all over).

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I have flown a only a few canoe's in the past. The reply's on here are definately on track. A MUST is a longline!!!! Rig two nets together, so you can cradle the cargo, They WILL want to FLY! Try to fill them with gear if there is any or some weight in the net. It will be a VERY SLOW trip, not to mention some of the akward flight attitudes the machine will encounter when the wind catches the inside of the canoes. If you can create a drag chute behind the sling with another net or tree, this will help the 'spinning' process!!

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