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Canoe Slinging


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If possible, put one canoe over turned into another, may want to place some 2x4 across the rails wrapped in foam or bubble wrap, use a couple of HERC straps to keep em together. I would get the largest net in stores and wrap it around the two canoes and secure it with HERC straps, as someone else said the net breaks up the air flow. You could use the rings in the net to hook on to and don't forget a good swivel, the tree thing would also be a nice addition.







....... or get a S-61 and strap the SOB's to the belly, one at a time of course :P

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get the biggest **** net possible or join a couple of nets together......50-60 foot line...hook another net to the bottom of the big net on a 10' line....boats are lots of fun...I slung a 15' aluminum boat one time...173 miles...had to put out fuel halfway ...had a net hooked to the front end and double hooked the longline on the back...flew at 70 miles per....had a **** of a tail wind or couldn't have made it, still took forever...I also use the net with a net method to sling microwave dishes now you think a canoe will fly on you try one of those babies without a net and you can kiss that load gone... :rolleyes: :up: :shock:

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