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Moving Out West

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Hey Guys


Planning on moving out west and looking for work. Planning on banging on doors, shaking hands and trying to land a job working on the ground. Looking for something with the possibility to advance after I prove myself. So here's the question, any advice or suggestions? Would appreciate any input. Pm me with the details. :up:


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Don't let that bug you just yet. The yellow gremlin with the frown will be a problem though.


Remember, smile, smile, smile, be positive and upbeat no matter how tough it seems, be confident but not cocky, and keep knocking on doors until one opens.


You are only expected to be a low-timer..........just be the happiest, keenest one they've seen lately !!

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Best of luck finding that job. The hardest part is getting your foot in the door, but once its in, it makes it all worth it. I think that you are making a wise choice coming out west looking for work. If you have trouble, a trick that I have seen some low time guys do is get jobs working for the companies that the helicopter companies work for. For example, a job in the oil patch seems to get people on with some of the many helicopter companies that cater to the patch. It pays well too. If nothing else it will fund your road trips.


Good luck, and remember we were all where you are at some piont. Myself only five years ago. My instructor told me that there is always a job out there for those who really want one. He was right, but Sully usually was.



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