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HEPAC, formed as a non-profit organization to try to better the lot of AME’s and PILOTS not working for companies with a structured pay scale and work environment.


When enough members had joined we would be able to form a board of directors, and from there get volunteers to form committees to study problems brought up by members, in democratic manner.


This has not happened, instead non-members have tried to malign me in any way they can and, being who I am, I will not take any shyte from anybody, without defending my principals.


The whole time I spent in aviation, I did nothing to disparage any employer and always worked for the greater good of all concerned.


This organization was formed for you and you alone. I personally have nothing to gain from it. I am retired and took this on as a way to try and return something to an industry that needs some representation, besides HAC/HA,HA.


As of this date 15 March, 2004 I am resigning as the spokes person for HEPAC and will gladly turn over the reigns to whom-ever.


There is one problem with this scenario. As originator of this non-profit organization, there has to be enough members to accept my resignation and to vote somebody else in.


Whatever costs I have occurred to date can be returned later, so you will not feel obliged in any way.


For further clarification, I do not have access to the bank account held in HEPAC’s name without the signature of one of the other director’s.


You have until the end of April 2004 to make up your respective minds on which way you elect to go and if I haven't heard anything constructive by then, I will just fold it up and watch you live with the same BS, that you’ve been living with for years. Your choice. It will not, in any way, effect my retirement.


I am asking Kyle to remove any reference to HEPAC on this web site and I will not respond to any E-mails originating from this site, as I will not longer be a member.

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"instead non-members have tried to malign me in any way they can and, being who I am, I will not take any shyte from anybody, without defending my principals."



you better re-read the posts. the only one to malign you was YOU! <_<


if your "principals" are to threaten people with violence? all i can say is.......




adios :mellow:

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Associations of any kind are almost always frustrating.

Usually there is that early enthusiasm that gets things going and then the support and intrest just peters out. I belong to a few (1 in aviation) associations and unless they have permanent paid staff pushing them along they tend slide into oblivion. So don't get to worked up, if there is interest out there to keep it going it should surface quickly if not it will join the other associations in the perpetual abyss of indifference.

Enjoy your retirement and at least you can say you tried.

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How sad to see such viciousness between such a small group of my colleauges.


Regardless of how people behave in some situations I am just plain saddened to see this end up like this.


Never met you Don , but I truly cannot imagine how we got to here.


I for one will not sleep well thinking about this.



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Charles W;

In some ways I agree with you and reread some previous threads. Blackmac was/is out of line in being too aggressive with his opinions, and did so in a rather malicious way.


Having said, that any person passionate about what they are backing sometimes goes a little overboard(usually on a daily basis myself).


He did have a rather captured audience and was able to tap into an almost unlimited amount of information and opinions, but rather than take advantage of it he chose to question people's identity and readily point fingers ot anyone not declaring HEPAC as the answer. Perhaps an association would work, not sure, but you need to have a s+++tload more patience than BM.


I don't think he is taking this a placidly as he portrays and maybe should take a position within HEPAC as someone who could be consulted for information, as he seems intelligent and is well informed as to who and what is going on in the higher places. Would probably do better to stay out of recruiting memebers though.


Hope Blacmac you are reading this, some of us want to remain unknown for our own reasons, please respect that and take advantage of what you have, trust me as I cannot/willnot at this time be able to serve any more purpose than adding my twobits here and there. If you focus on this it will become much easeir to get people on side, a good salesman takes advantage of every opportunity, beginning with an open door.



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no offence charles but relax a little.... there isn't anything "vicious" here...


everyone (even blackmac) just state their opinion. but you have got to play nice..


BUT, if i were to take offence to cyclicmonkey posting pictures of me and my forklift and threatened him with a "punch to his mealy mouth" well, that would be crossing the line...... :P


again, it's hard sometimes to read a persons emotions on there posts but blackmacs were pretty straight forward... :down:


i slept a solid 8 hours last night and you should have too!!

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So with BM outta the picture, are many of you out there having a more serious look at joining HEPAC? I've always wondered if HEPAC didn't seem to get a huge response here because of BM's colourful personality, or if people have their own reasons for not joining. It seemed like a good idea to me.

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