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What goes around comes around... When a company takes advantage of a pilot all they do is insure that there will be very little loyalty to stick around when a better offer comes. I'm not saying that is the case in your situation, you should take an honest look at your overall year before getting frustrated when you are in the middle of a slow job. Sometimes the job just goes crappy... Sometimes certain people just seem to get stuck with all the crappy jobs... I have worked for companies that had all three pay policies; all non-rev paid, no non-rev paid, and reduced pay for non-rev... My income over the whole year really wasn't affected much by it. It seems to me if an outfit is doing that much free flying, then they have bigger problems on the horizon anyway... <_<

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Keep your ears open and jump at the first job that comes along that pays better. Don't wait to see if it averages out over the year. Don't worry about any commitment to your current employer. If he/she was interested in your welfare they would be paying you for all your flying.




Thank you. Nobody has accused me of being new at anything in a very long time. I thought I was getting a little long in the tooth but after your comment maybe I'm still young at heart or at least in outlook. I'll give you a little hint. I used to work for Shirley Air.

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Non rev is part of our industry! I don't know any company that dosen't non rev! I have never been paid for training time or endorsements! Ferry time? Well sometimes! As for WCB, you are making your daily salary, you are on payrole, so you are covered!


Flying will increase! Spring and summer are around the corner!

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No. Never been to Thunder Basin. I was an Edmonton pool driver.




Obviously Non-Rev flights are required to reposition a/c from one customer to the next, however if you are driving, you are working and should be paid for it. Whether the flight is rev or not you still have to exercise your skills and knowledge to get the flight done safely and efficiently. You all paid to gain your skills in time, cash and grief and should be compensated when you use them for someone else's benefit.

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Well said Downwash. Reddog, if your going to be so stringent on getting paid for the non-rev you fly, then your employer should be equally stringent on not paying you for unused minimums. After all, if your A/C is collecting mins, that means you're sitting on your *** NOT FLYING=NOT WORKING!!!!!!! (And don't give me that bullsh-- about doing P.R. whith the customers when you're not flying. If you're that picky about non-rev, you're probably the kind of guy who refuses to go the extra mile to help the company)

If you feel so strongly about it, why don't you insist on getting paid for non-rev and not getting paid for unused mins this coming summer and see how much farther ahead you will be?!

Sorry, I don't mean to be so direct but it just pisses me off when I hear guys who expect their employer to bend over backwards for them when they're not prepared to give back!!! Those are usually the same guys that will jump ship for an extra $5 an hour.!!


OK, I'm done venting!!!

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I can't believe you guys. Making excuses for your employers while they are laughing all the way to the bank with the money they should have paid you.




Even if you are on standby and not flying your employer is using you and your skills to fulfill a contract, consequently he should be compensating you.


As far as bending over backwards for one's employer. If I have been treated well and paid what my skills are worth I always go the extra mile for my employer as would most other people. Loyalty starts at the top, goes goes down to the bottom of the ladder and then comes back up if it is earned.


P.S. Sorry guys, you've got my case wrong. I've always done very well.

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Well, I can tell you that the people I was with last year paid all non-rev, including to Dryden, and back, and for training. Their opinion was that they were paying you for your time, and it wasn't part of a pilot's job to invest in their company. It was that last comment that makes me willing to work for them anytime, although I'll likely be busy doing something else this summer.



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