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Pilot/Engineer Gathering

Would it be a good idea to try and organise an informal gathering of pilots and engineers?  

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Thought it might be good time to see if there would be any interest in the fall. Maybe somewhere in B.C where the wx would still be golfable.


I think Cyclic Monkey and I talked about this late last year.


Could be a chance to meet some new faces, learn some new things, etc etc.

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Who needs to wait until fall. Just wait until the first flap of the season when everone's in Dryden. :D


204B I'll be going for re-current on the 5th, and can't wait !!! :up: :up:

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Well, to be fair, I'll add the good shot. We caught 75 steelhead in one hour between four of us one day. (not this particular day though) this is by far, one of the finest examples of an engineer that you can come across. I only wish that we could drag him into the great group of guys that we work with in the IFR world.



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