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Pilot/Engineer Gathering

Would it be a good idea to try and organise an informal gathering of pilots and engineers?  

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Initially my plan was to corner all of you in a room with my 9 iron and force you to listen to my collection of Abba tunes. I have since aborted that mission and instead will be trying to figure out who's wearing the Victoria Secret bra and panty special. :D Seems like we got a couple cross dressers on the payroll! :huh:


Seriously, I think it would be a great idea to try and set up some kind of informal gathering of pilots and engineers. Why not have an annual event where we all get together and partake of some good times, beer, knowledge, fishing, scotch, ideas, B.S, beer, golf, ballet, beer, etc etc. It could be a quasi-professional development workshop. Just about every other group of professionals have some kind of annual gathering. I'm not talking about a HAI type of event, just a chance for everybody to take off whatever company logo ball cap your wearing and have a good time. Get some of the low-timers brushing elbows with the old-timers. It's all good.


The west would be a good place to start, because it's where most of us live, and let's face it, it's God's country. :D


Anyways, just my thoughts.

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How about those of us so wet behind the ears we're still in the pool? Can we come too!? :D Would be cool to meet you all, share some pints, and collect some good blackmail info usefull in getting that 1st flying job. ;)

Plus we rookies/students haven't heard all of your far-fetched stories that everyone else is sick of. :up:

Seriously though it would be great to meet you folks.


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The more the merrier. Definately need some new guys on scene to run for beer and wings etc. :D


Jetbox: Are you sure you want to expose the working side of your brain (spouse/girlfriend)to all that testosterone?


Hey, it's all just ideas right now, if some of you guys want to help get it in the air, don't be shy. :up:

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Don't worry Bubbleboy, my wife can't stand the egos and attitudes in our business as it is and she barely puts up with mine! All that testosterone will only prove her suspisions that we're pretty much all a bunch of harmless boneheads!!!! :P

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