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Cougar S-92 Crash

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Thought the 76 gearbox could run 30mins no oil??? Was the same technolopgy built into the 92, or is the epicyclic going to sieze up immediately? Just curious??




I doubt it had an epicyclic. ;-) I'm guessing a planetary reduction (or two or three).


Fly Eurocopter much? ;)


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can we not have 1 thread about this thing where people don't try to show how un-funny they are??


as far as i'm concerned, it's not even the fact that Cougar had such a high toll... any loss of life in this industry is sad and usually means we've lost another brother/sister...


any more of this crap and i will start asking kyle to suspend some members...


:angry: :angry: :angry:

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I'm not shure if that was intended to me Twinnie. But i guess not.


I apologize if the picture I've sent have not his place on this thread...certainly didn't wish any kind of lost of respect about the hole thing. Though that could be a not ordinary and funny picture to look at.

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Come on sling get off it! wrong time and place for BS jokes. Learn english and get with it dude. you cant seriously think ( in french or english ) that that was funny? You are single handedly screwing all low time french canadian drivers out of a job this year, good work. This forum is not a joke! the whole canadian industry watches this forum and I bet everyone will think twice about hiring a young french canadian pilot this season thanks to you.

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