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Here is one more...dan renie...hey gov...who was your buddy that drove the 4 wheeler off the niagra escarpment...he was helicopter person :o had completely forgotten about the wyatt brothers...was gord and grant I do believe ;)was working fires in manitoba in1980 with grant...he was flying 500d..ZAP was registration..got some pictures of it

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Rob Kelly


Was the first person I knew that passed away. I met him only a few days before his accident but he was very nice to me.



If that is the same Rob Kelly that past away in Chile? Then ditto, first friend I lost....


Harry Chernetz and Terry Benson, Harry was on the phone trying to talk me into coming along for that gig as he was getting on the plane.....


Randy Hildebrand and Dick Wood so recently....


So many familiar names on the lists so far.....


Too dam many...... :unsure:





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