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I Found out how to spell "Gentleman" Jack's name.. ... Jack Banwhar


Plus the famous and unforgettable Capt Mac (AKA Capt Macaroni) ... Doug MacIntosh


And the legendary Tommy Gurr, and Maynard Bergh (my mentor) from the old days of Okanagan.

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I have put all that were on this list in a group


Peter Berendt


Andy Seyl

Rick Hosler

Andrea Leigh

Mike Thurston

Vaughn Killen

Bill Sleath

Frank Kearney

Gary Fowel

Mac Forgie

Ray Anderson

Bob Thurston (aka thirsty Bob)

Herman Lorenz

Mark Dickenson

Lincoln McGowan

Geoff Palmer

Gilles Wooters

Gord Collette

Jacques Maheu

Don MacKenzie - C/P at Okie

Mike McDonagh - assist C/P at Okie

Burt Wartig - bm at YWL - Okie

Bob McPhillips – NMH

Len Vosburgh

Jerry Morland

Tommy Lamb

Ron George

Joe Doyle

Wayne Myers

Poul Ladefoged

Vance Shellenburg

Marco Grubac

Emile Rogge

Rocky Pearson

Chris Beuhler

Robin (Bob) DeWing

Neil MacDonald

Gord Wyatt

Grant Wyatt

Dan Renie

Emile Lupien

Jacques Masse (AKA Jim Moss)

Sylvan Schalbetter

Rob Kelly

Richard Lemelin 1988 (Viking James bay)

Randy Hildebrand

Teddy Wiggins

Dennis Tkachuk

Bruce Kowerchuk

Bill Henderson

Collin Sullivan

Duncan Ruth

Dave Reid

Chad Murray

Duane Tanski

Rod Van Humpback

Mike Haworth

Roy Heibel

Kip Piercy

Hugh Ross

Gerry Flesher

Dick Wood

Bob Holt

Normand Coutu

Tony Booth

Anton Tykodi

Eddie Porco

Ron Boyd

Jack Flemming

Earnie Grant

John Flesher

Mike McDonnel

Ed Hall,

Doug Macarther

Tom Lamb Jr.



Lorne Kucharysn

Joe Kreke

Red McKinnon

Vic Schriebler

Don Macdonald

Garth Demarsh

Terry Benson

Todd Carter

Sandy Vamossi

Ben Von Hardenburg

Bruce Moore

Ken Steele

Frank A. H. Harley

Jack Pearson

Gerry Moreland

John Flesher

George Marszalac

Dennis Thacachuc

Mike Meloche

Steve Horton

Doug Morgan


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