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Yeah, this one's a humdinger! The number of affected machines is sure going to be interesting, especially for those operating away from home withouy an engineer. I trust it will be a hot topic at the HAC meeting next weekend. One might wonder why only T.C. has made this the subject of an EMERGENCY A.D. B)

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we got the AD from the factory last week and from Canadian. there's now a requirment at every 100hr to inspect this section for the seperation.. At least within CHL that's how it's going to be. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.


but yes it makes sense that the tail rotors would be fairly closely inspected during preflight....guess I'll look a little closer now.

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R22 Captain,


Since it is an AD you are still required to do the 3 hr and 12 hr inspections.

The 100 Hr portion can be added to an 100 Hr inspection but the requirement to sign out the AD still applies.

The 3 hr inspection is able to be done by the pilot if the person is trained inacordance with the companies MCM for elementary maintenance authority.

The 12 hr inspection will still require an AME to sign it out. Until there is an approved alternate means of compliance applied for and approved by TC for a/by a specific operator the requirments of the AD stand.

The 100 Hr portion of the AD also requires an AME to sign it out.


The AD specifies that you follow the requirements of the ASB.

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I am the culprit that posted this one…….I saw the ASB on the Bell site the second it became available late on a Friday afternoon on the website, I knew immediately it was going to be an AD. I saw the similar scenario in 1982 when there was an ASB involving T/R tip blocks, the AD call for rivet replacement and gave the operator virtually no chance to carry out the AD within a decent time frame because there wasn’t enough parts to satisfy the needs. They amended the AD and gave the operator extended time, however there was still a daily/25 hour inspection until the compliance was carried out.



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Weren't some guys hoading all the new blades bell had then,only to sell them at a big markup..

i think Eurocopter will be starting their cold wx testing in about 6-8 weeks...The main reason they dropped the 2 pilot senerio,is they would have to install the nose mounted Vanity mirrors so both drivers could check their hair,so I hear........

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