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Us101 Cancelled

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I saw a copy of a press release last week from Pres Obama where he stated that he was quite happy with his existing helicopter and all he thought it would need would be a bit of modernization in th avionics some better engines and rotor blades. Sounds like he saw the Carson/Vector/Sagem S61. he also trhought the cost of the 101 -being close to the original cost of the B747 AF 1's was a bit unrealistic.

Unfoirtunately the person who promised to email be the press release has not done as yet...............


Look like he was sneaking around HAI without anyone noticing or, more than likely he reads Vertical B)

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Here is one of the PRs on the helicopter purchases


WASHINGTON, Feb. 24 (UPI) -- U.S. President Barack Obama has put a hold on an order for a new helicopter fleet that would cost at least $11 billion, a White House spokesman said Tuesday.


"The president talked to the secretary of defense, and I think as he said (Monday) to Sen. (John) McCain, we don't need any new helicopters at the White House," Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said in an interview on CNN.


Gibbs said Obama's discussions with Defense Secretary Robert Gates meant the order for 28 new helicopters was being put on hold.


McCain, the Arizona Republican who lost to Obama in the presidential election, brought up the cost of the helicopters Monday during a fiscal responsibility summit at the White House.


The projected cost of the helicopters has nearly doubled to more than $11 billion since they were proposed by President George Bush six years ago, CNN said.


Obama suggested Monday he would put the order on hold.


"I've already talked to (Gates) about a thorough review of the helicopter situation. The helicopter I have now seems perfectly adequate to me," Obama said. "I think it is ... an example of the procurement process gone amuck, and we're going to have to fix it."



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$400 million per unit (and sure to have gone higher) wasn't a reasonable price ?.......all i say is HOW is it possible.....talk about a outrageous numbers !!....no one i ever talked to could ever tell me how something could cost so much.


But what will happen to the 5 or so that have been built ?.....and the stupid money already spent on the machines.

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Can anyone tell me how they could even remotely justify "$11 Billion" for new Presidential helicopters???


These are USMC helicopters - one of which would become Marine 1 - the presidential helicopter.


P.S. If the presidential helicopter has a toilet on board would it be called "Latrine 1"? Perhaps any past Coulson crew might know the answer!

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There should be a cost over run clause in the contract that would allow them to bail out. Of course, it depends on who initiated the additions above the original contract pricing.


Should be interesting reading the upcoming events as a Democrat Senator is mounting a push to keep the contract going.

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