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More Bad 92 News

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so it did! thanks!


92-Sikorsky helicopter, owned by Norsk Helikopter, which now has changed its name to Bristow, was on its way to land with the 19 passengers who had finished his shift at Ekofisk.


92-Sikorsky helicopters on the Norwegian continental shelf was put on the ground after the crash in Newfoundland that claimed 17 lives, but 22. March was the helicopters back in the air.


See also:


Now, helicopters fly again (22.03.09)


Therefore, the helicopter crashed with 17 people killed (19.03.09)


A helicopter with 19 passengers from Conoco-Phillips had to make a controlled landing on the platform Tor south of the North Sea shortly after at 14 today, Wednesday.


The drama takes place just 16 days after the 15 Norwegian helicopter types of Sirkorsky S-92 was put on the ground after the fatal accident outside of Canada.


The 12. March this year, crashed a helicopter of the type of Sikorsky S-92 off Newfoundland and 17 people died.


Need to change the machine


The investigation revealed findings that made the Canadian authorities Friday afterwards sent out instructions that all Sikorsky S-92 had to replace a machine immediately.


This had 15 helicopters from Norsk Helikopter / Bristow and CHC Helicopter Services to the park was changed.


The helicopters were in the air again 23. March.


But 16 days later - today - it almost went wrong again:


A helicopter with 19 passengers from Conoco-Phillips had to make a controlled landing on the platform Tor south of the North Sea shortly after at 14 today, Wednesday.


Oil leak


The helicopter of typet Sikorsky 92 had an undefined oil leak under the flight and had to instead land on the platform Tor where passengers will now be seated.


- We hope everyone can be flown in to land tonight, but we are not sure, "says Torgeir Throndsen, operations coordinator in Bristow.


It is unclear what caused the oil leak and it is not clear where it comes from, according Throndsen.


Currently, passengers seated firmly out in the ocean and must wait for the technical people come out to find the error by helicopter.


- We must first remove the helicopter from the helipad before we can send out a new, "says Throndsen.


He can not guarantee that it will be tonight.


Main Redningssentralen the sun was notified and was in readiness when they came to innflygingen platform. HRS describes the incident as "a controlled landing," and Nødsignaler were not sent out.


The helicopter kept a low altitude over the last 15 minutes in to the platform and controlled the country, the HRS.


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Not MGB leak but Hydraulic leak.

See below

A North Sea helicopter travelling from Sola airport near Stavanger out to the Ekofisk accommodation installation in the Norwegian sector had to make an emergency landing on the Tor platform after a technical problem.


Offshore247.com's sister site Offshore.no reported that the helicopter, a Sikorsky S92a aircraft operated by Norske Helikopter – now renamed Bristows Norway AS, was involved in the incident yesterday.


“There was a minor leak in a hydraulic system and the pilot chose to land on the nearest platform,” a Bristows Norway source told Offshore.no. She said technicians had been sent out to the Tor platform and the problem was expected to be resolved last night.


Norske Helikopter was renamed Bristows Norway AS from 1 April, after Bristows increased its stake in Norske Helikopter from 49% to 100%.




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