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Chc Ground Crew

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WHY Canadian ?

There's a big world out there with companies WHO CARE for employees, why are you setting your sights for the bottom of the bucket first ?


My experience has been that the casual help is hired at the Base level, so contact your favorite Base Manager, who is probably a much nicer person than anyone in Edmonton ... ;)

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What did I say wrong ? I would feel the same way AFTER a coffee ! It just goes without saying that one must look at the whole picture, there's 1,700 (or so) commercial Helicopters in Canada, why limit your sights on 1 operator with 140 or so aircraft ?


Is my sensitivity training helping me yet ? :D



T-Rex, get any GREAT resume's lately ;) ... and have you heard the latest on Johnny's predicament ??? He'll be travelling through this country in the next week or so.


Maggie, Our AB Mad Cows are chopped up and delivered to MacDonalds in Ontario, KFC ONT Ltd buys all the BC sick ckickens , and we're developing a spray to rid the world of EC's, it's based on a commercial plastic removing compound :up:

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407 Driver, I'm 100% with you on you opinion of Canadian. I worked for them for enough years to have a ligitimate opinion. :mellow:

However, I think matt-as350 should try to start his career at Canadian Helicopters (as I think everybody should!) simply because it will make him appeciate his next employers all the more!!!!

I never realized the world doesn't revolve around CHC until I left the company!!!

No offence to anyone who still works there, to each his own. ;)

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Hey Guys


Maybe Matt is on the right track. After all if he is considering a future in the helicopter industry there is nothing better than real life experience dealing with day to day helicopter operations. I know that there are better operators out there who will treat their employees better, but at least he will get his feet wet and will have a good understanding of what will be expected of him in the future. And if nothing else Matt will know if he truly wants to peruse a flying career. :up:

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