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Below Knee Amputee Looking For Tc Medical Info


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The pilot you are referring to is Wade Pelly. He did not indeed lose a foot, but is minus most of his toes on one foot. After the Griffon crash, he went on to fly as an instructor in the Military, then onto Civy instructing. Last I heard he was flying internationally.



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Guest bag swinnger

Hey toro this reply is a little late looking at the dates,

I was roommates with a guy in heli school who had recently lost a limb, I believe above the knee. He had his class 1 medical and graduated with a commercial licence in 98 at 40 years old with one of the highest scores the school had ever seen. I believe he got his glider's licence first just to show transport he could work the pedals. the funny thing was alot of the guys we trained with did not even know he was an amputee until he took it off one night in a strip bar but unfortunetly that story is censored! he he.

If you needed some info pm me and I could probably send you in his direction. best of luck. bs.

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If you're still looking in here, Toro, I'd like you to know that, to my knowledge, the large majority of helicopter operators in this country wouldn't give your 'disability' a second thought. Also, reading your posts, it's easy to see that you have the kind of attitude that it takes to break into this wonderful but wacky industry. Keep us posted on your progress and, I'm sure, many of us will look forward to learning of (perhaps even contributing to) your eventual success. :up:

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bag swinger,


I appreciate the reply :D ....and you are definitely not too late, as I am still gathering information on a daily basis as time permits. I will be sending you a PM when I get a chance to do so, as I am very interested in hearing from the fellow who has his TC class 1 medical despite the loss of a lower limb. I want to make 110% sure that I have all my bases covered and have done my homework before I approach TC. Take care and I will be catching you on the flip side! :up:




I look in here when ever I have a spare minute! I appreciate the response :P Like I mentioned above I'm a research bug! From past experiences both good and bad I am going to get out of this career exactly what I put into it! :D


This site is a great learning tool for potential pilots/mechs needing information from experienced aviators that have already jumped through the hoops and made it to the top. Thanks again to all that have responded! :up:

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