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Spring Helicopter Jobs

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Hi All, Was looking for any tips or rumors any of you may have to offer with regards to possible work for a new helicopter pilot. A friend of mine started his training last fall and will be done in a week or so. Exams and flight test have been done for a few weeks, now its the 100 hour requirement. I would appreciate any pointers or suggestions anyone may have to offer that I can pass along to him. He is planning a trip across the country, starting here on the Rock (His home as well) then as far as it takes to find work. Or course a flying job would be first on his list, but there is nothing wrong with ground support provided its a stepping stone in the right direction. Thanking you all in advance for any response and wish all a safe and busy summer.


Take care


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Here's a few web sites with heli job postings.

Aero Ads



I'm going to be in the same boat as your buddy next spring. Some advice I've gotten is to pick 3-5 operators you want to work for, and pester them all for as long as it takes to get hired. Doing the cross country trip is fine too, but you only meet the people at each place once, then you're gone. By picking a few and staying in their face you show your enthusiasm, plus they will remember you more than the guy/gal who just dropped in that one time.

Also, I've heard it's best to go into these places on weekends. This way there is no secretary working. If there is a secretary working, odds are she won't let you talk to the cheif pilot. So go when she's not there.


That's about all I've been able to collect. Anyone able to lend SAR first-hand knowledge of getting that first job?

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Let me tell you new guys what works for us:

1- don't show your face unanounced with no appointment: this time of year, were very busy getting the fleet ready for the season. Last thing we want to see is some 100 hour wonder walk in the doors and expect a half hour of our time when we're not prepared for it!

2-Never come on weekends: if we're in on a week end it's because we have to, not because we want to. In other words we're busy!

3-We don't have a secretary so call and make a friggin appointment, we'll be glad to show you around, even if we're not necessarily hiring! :D

4-Nothing worse than getting caugh off guard by a 100 hr pilot that expects to walk in the door unanounced and receive 20 minutes of our time!


Good luck to all of you, keep at it, persistence and a gung ho attitude always pay off. B)

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1. Keep knocking on doors, no matter how many it takes........

2. Keep smiling, no matter how depressing your trip has been.


Let's face it, you aren't going to get a job as a 100 hour dude these days without lots of 1. and 2. above.


Good points Jetbox. 100 hour pups should exude confidence, not cockiness.

You are only expected to be a 100 hour pilot, nothing more........so don't over-do how **** good you are.

You can save that until you've got 500 hours !!!

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With the comments made by Jetbox I dont think Id go to your shop on a week day even with an appointment.Sounds like a grumppy place to me.....


:shock: Cheers Mini........

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roger that, blackmac. thankfully i don't need to drive my old P.O.S. endless miles to out of the way places away from friends and family to get started at a low paying, crappy (depending on who you work for) job. however, it wasn't so long ago that i don't remember how some of the senior people (the ones i was aspiring to be) could be such ********. on the other hand some of them were extremely nice, friendly, and helpful. those are the ones i choose to work for now. it would sometimes do everyone on both sides of the fence to remember that, for instance, the senior people have lots of work to do, and the junior people would dearly love to help.


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