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Spring Helicopter Jobs

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Now if memory serves me correctly (it is old and does mess up) there is NO such thing as a "TC approved Mountain Course". You will find "An approved Mountain Course" but not by TC. So any company who wishes to sit down and design their own course layout and training syllabus may do so. This can then be submitted to your local forestry branch for review and their "approval". Then you train your driver accordingly and document this training as with all other training and if you wish you can use MS word to make up a nice fancy certificate so said driver can hang it on his wall.


Again time may recently have changed some of this but I have yet to see an outline by TC for Mountain Course approvals.

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howdy everyone........been longtime since I've been on here.....things have been busy. Guess a little good news for myself. I got on the infamous CHL spray crew for the summer. Starting up in a few weeks. I think I was extremely lucky. Did my flight test last friday.....job on Monday. Purely timing...........keep at er kids....

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Congrats R22 Captain,


Are you heading out west? Or does CHL have spray crews for Eastern as well? When I flew out west for CHL (CHW at the time) I worked with these crews and most of the guys that were helping out made it in to the pilots seat. I wish the same for you.


All the best.



:up: :up:

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Thank you SAR......it's a big relief to land a job. Yes it is out west. Many of the guys who worked ground crew last year are flying this year. As far as I know the only spraying out east is in Freddy....but apparently a very small op...like 1 pilot and 1 ground crew. Could be some going on in Quebec but I speculate Francais would be required.

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:up: Congrats, Robby Captain!!! :up:


While your on the ground crew, keep your head down and your arse up. When all **** breaks lose and it will...don't panic and don't rush!


REMEMBER...Your just killing trees! :wacko:

The Original "Gooper".

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haha thanks for the advice Chevy, I'll keep that in mind! I was back in Halifax a month or so ago and saw you out the hanger movin some blades but was unable to find anyone to sneek me out there.


As far as my location it'll be pretty much everywhere north of Edmonton.....I think we're starting in High Level and coming back down from there.

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