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As350 Slow Start

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Tx for the input - the more suggestions the better. FCU & P2 were removed cleaned lubed etc, nothing obvious and no change in start, accel check same as before.


Not sure on your last skullcap & underslung, will check.

- as far as throttle position - not necessary to advance it past the normal spot to get the T4 up (ie: to emergency mode) - high T4 does nothing to help get it thru the 20-32%.

Also no fuel smell etc during the start.

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Okay, I've figured it out !!! High T4 but still slow through 20-32%..............I've had this in Bell products too, but the problem solved itself much quicker than in an Astar.


My engineer said it was because there was only one tie-down strap that needed to reach the breaking point on the Bell products, as opposed to three on the Astar.


Have you checked this yet, Durex ??

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Cyclic Monkey


The tie-down comment was a good one and was taken in good humour, but the rest, seems a bit of a personal slight - I just shake my head, like a lot of other comments that are made by a few people on this forum. When someone posts a topic that is asking for advice, why do you have to make stupid comments, to people you don't know - I thought questions were encouraged - obviously you must know it all and look down at anyone who you presume has less knowledge & experience than you - you should be proud of yourself CM.


I appreciate the input from the rest of you. tx

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Nomex, my apologies............the whole post was meant in humour, and NONE of it was a personal attack on anyone.........except myself for leaving 3 tie-downs on !!

That didn't happen either..........most of my posts are complete fiction.

But I have left the tie-down attached on a 206....luckily I noticed before light-off. These things happen.....the photo is also an attempt at humour to help mollify the embarrassment of such events.


Please ask questions......but remember some of us will throw in the occasional attempt at humour to keep this place a little more jovial than some other internet mud-fests. And, goodness gracious, some posts (actually most of them), have been known to wander completely off-topic.


I was hoping you could see the difference between my genuine concern for your well-being in my posts listed above, and this later attempt at humour. Sorry, my fault for being too sarcastic recently.

We all construe different meanings from these posts. For example, I'm not sure how the "know it all" comment could be derived from my post. But it doesn't bother me.

I try and read posts in the manner that I suspect the author intended, not in the way they appear on first-sight. It makes this place more enjoyable, and helps minimize the huge numbers of people who just don't bother coming here anymore.


Sincere apologies, CM

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I have had the good fortune of working beside Nomex this summer (or at least I think I have if you were in " 'EL " at KFB) and I can assure all here that he is one of the most professional and experienced guys in the Industry.

I have also known CM for 15+ years, and have the utmost respect for his abilities...as do my customers (He was Brand X when I met him!). CM, I'm glad you're on my side finally, as it's better than going against you. I appreciate your warped sense of humor, (similar to mine?) and hopefully others will see it as just that.


Some forums get downright nasty and other forums are caught in useless trivia.

We have a great forum here, we get answers, yet still can have some fun.


Amodao wil be here tomorrow, so I'll ask him to look into this 350 start problem. As I mentioned earlier, he's one of the very best that I've worked with.

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nomex and all those interested, have attached a trouble shooting guide from dave dunstan, he is the american eurocopter as-350 tech rep. he asked me to pass this information on, if you have any questions contact dave directly through the american eurocopter website, look under tech reps.



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Hey Cal , still slightly on topic as Dave was mentioned in a previous year's Pro Pilot helicopter support survey . How did Eurochopper do this year ? . Cannot find any info on line.


found link to magazine , but article is not available on line .

1) Bell , 2) sikorsky , 3) Agusta , 4) Eurocopter , 5) MD helicopters.

the last one I recall seeing the spread between the top 5 was not that large.

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widgeon: i know i have seen it, cannot remember which issue. as i remember it a better showing than 2002, some familiar gripes with TEC.

was just at AEC last week, had an excellent series of meetings, seems to me a very positive move in the right direction for eurocopter. they have a ways to go but i can say that as far as we are concerned a much improved working atmosphere.


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