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One of the things I love the most about this industry is some of the crazy a$$ people that seem to gravitate towards it. You can never judge a book by it's cover, some of the roughest looking guys on the outside have also been the finest pilots or engineers. ;)


I remember a new apprentice engineer (who is now a very fine engineer) showing up with the cockiest attitude we had ever seen. You could not tell the guy anything. One day everybody had had enough, so a bunch (he was a tough little bugger) of us got together and decided to "learn" him a lesson. After much rasslin, we had him duct-taped and up-side down on the gantry. Then some of the more senior fixers got hold of the magic markers and went to work. In the beginning it was the moustache, beard, the usual, but by the end he was looking like Al Jolson in that old movie - the white guy with the black face. After a few minutes, we let him down.


He disappeared for about half and hour and re-appeared with his face completely clean!! Apparently he went and grabbed some MEK and washed it all off. :blink: Nobody could get near him he smelled so bad. We all recommended that he not have children for many years.....for more reason than just the MEK.


Of course he went right back to trash talking everybody!


What are some of the funnier things you guys have seen in this racket?


Hide the names to protect the guilty.



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Guest graunch1

One of the old hand AMEs up in Tuk adding orange dye to a full barrel of MEK to spread it down the snowy runway for better viz for our approaching 737. The proper method was to use a water and Antifreeze mix.


I don't know how much 45 gals of MEK costs but I bet it wasn't cheap :rolleyes:

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I was on a siesmic job a long time ago when the pilot came back with a little bit of blood and gutts on the M/R blades. He said he didn't know what it was, that he just saw a bunch of feathers fly around while he had his head out the door looking down at his carousel.

Later that night, one of the juggies approched him in the bar ( go figure, a pilot in a bar! That never happens :lol::lol: ) and told him that when the Astar was hovering above him while he was hookin up a bag, he noticed a partridge with its head cut off fall out of the sky right beside him. It must have flown in the rotor disk while the A/C was hovering. Anyways, while he was waiting for the next bag hook up, the juggie built a small fire, skined the bird and ate it!!!!!! :D:D:D:D

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