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Pilot's Families

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Guest Bullet Remington
Sounds to me BR that you both need a trip to the hangar for an indepth 3000hr. inspection and some structural repair. :D:D




I AM also "S" endorsed!! :o Not thatit does much good! Have you ever tried to buy Medical Grade titanium on the open market???! <_<


My Missus bought me a T ee shirt and a hoodie that states " That's Mister A$$hole to You!! :P:P


As for the Old Fart picture, Keeerist, I can't remember when I last looked that good!! Handsome bugger and looks like a Lady Killer to me!! :lol::lol:


When I was in the service, the young snots used to call me COB.... Short for Crusty Old Bast@ed!!


Now most folks just call me Geezer!! Personally, I don't care what they call me, as long as they call me and I can hear them, life's ok! B)

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I have also lived and traveled all over the world, I realize how lucky I am living here in Canada. But I don’t think “how lucky we have it” was the topic of the thread.


I also realize how lucky I must be having an “old fart” older generation husband that is receptive to the needs, wants and concerns of his younger generation spouse. Just like I am to his. Not sure if I would still be married if either of us told each other to suck it up and stop whining.


Unless I misinterpreted the posts at the beginning of this thread, I would not consider “concerns” about spouses/family in the industry – “whining”. Don’t recall any whining about them being away for however long or short, just concerns spouses/families have when their loved one is not home safe with them.


Um yeah I dont recall anyone whining - was just interested to see how others cope - Having lost a son ( not in aircraft accident), I know how it feels to have your heart ripped from your chest and wonder why me, why my son? . I try not to "whine" about that. And I think anyone who knows me will testify to that. You just have to get on with life and learn to live with the pain. So I am mystified as to why the "suck it up and stop whining" thing came into this topic?? Everyone is different and people all cope with things differently - if we are to be afraid to say what we feel on this forum, for fear of being shot down in flames..... - ah I know you were just joking you old farts!!!

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