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Where Is The Rib Master

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Where is our beloved Rib Master better known as CTD?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

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Spoke to BV at Heli Expo and basically he said that when all the personal attacks etc started flowing on the forum he lost interest in it and is now spending all his time reading motorbike mags.


Heli Ops

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I don't know, but I suspect he got peed-off with abusive comments made here sometimes.

Some people ask for your thoughts, then get very rude when your opinions don't match theirs.

He is very experienced in the helicopter world, and not only had some good points to offer, but his experience gave him a great view on many other topics.

His newsletter is a fine example of this.


Unfortunately, CTD works for the MoT. Therefore, many people condsidered his personal views to be the Official MoT statement. This would often result in further unnecessary and unpleasant abuse.

I was very appreciative that he used his position in the MoT to get some 'inside' information on some subjects.

However some writers again went onto the attack, instead of being grateful for the extra data from very good sources.


I also enjoyed his 'lighter' side. The Western Tour, the ribs and the Fruit Lake Gang all added some much-needed joviality to this place.


Come on back CTD, (under a different name if needed), 'cos we miss you.

Your buddy, Cyclic Monkey

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I notice most of the old gang from the original forum are a lot less talkative these days. There are other forums out there that they contribute to without the abuse that they've experienced here.


A few years ago it was fun picking on each other, now it seems to go a bit far, CTD has better things to do with his time.



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Watch this! I know how to get a reply out of CTD.


I don't drink scotch, but I have used it to clean the engine in my wifes car!!




Let's begin a debate on the many qualities of DONAIR meat. Yes, the other mystery meat. Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sauce, all neatly rolled up in a flat bread!! In a Homer voice: ummmmm donairs. :)



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