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Where Is The Rib Master

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O.K, enough kidding from me for now. If I could be serious for a moment. :mellow:


I don't have allot of experience with forum etiquette, obvious to some I'm sure, but I think revealing a real name is a brave thing to do given the nature of this forum. Friends are fine of course, but to others a real identity adds credibility to posts which then makes it difficult for one to dismiss personal attacks. When we remain secret, our posts lack credibility, not validity. This allows the ability to dismiss or completely ignore the more inflammatory exchanges.


This method of communication is less than perfect, and when we reveal our names, character and integrity are then determined by how well we can type. Not fair.

One day when we grow up, maybe we could have a forum where we know each others real identities.


If one thinks about it, how many people out there are "posers" or flakes? :shock: But with a secret identity, everybody is allowed to offer up opinions. How intelligent or relevant is decided by me.


I appreciate CTD's input and everybody elses, not because he has "clout" or belongs to a certain group (as some like to believe), but because CTD as a contributor has some interesting and funny things to say. :up: That doesn't mean that I hang on every word or agree with everything he says, but they usually have something to add.


That's my opinion, most of you will ignore it, but I'm O.K with that, because I'm one of those flakes that's sitting at the computer wearing my Capt. Kirk special edition Star Trek uniform! Beam me up Scotty. :D:D


Martha Stewart a.k.a bubbleboy

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Well I'll be........I suspected you were Martha Stewart all along !!

That's pretty heavy stuff you just posted, especially for 12.41pm.

You haven't been sipping on the cooking sherry or rum while baking a fruitcake have you ????

Speaking of fruitcakes.......there's an old buddy of mine in the slammer with you.

He looks a little like Diana Ross, if you see him say Hi.

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All I have access to is mouthwash and vanilla, enough for a small party anyway. I hear yelping coming from the showers now, could be your friend.


Yeah, what the HE77 was I talking about? I guess it comes down to: If we want to fire a shot accross the bow of somebody we know, be polite, or at least have the courage to expose ourself as well. Well maybe not "expose", well what I mean is...ahhh.....well you know what I mean.




I edited that!

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if CTD is smart............he's out riding his bike like i am going to do right NOW!!


long weekend.....sunny...........warm............


oh ya baby...i'm outta here.............


see ya'll next week :up:

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bananabreath: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That was pure genius. :D:D


****, I am looking goooooood! :up:


Gotta go! Just finished the last bowl of chili, it's getting hard to breath in here. I might have to break out the potpourri!! :wacko:


O.K. this is getting weird now. :D

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Mags, you're so way way way out of line.


This forum is rapidly (and I mean in a head spinning way) going to the dogs because of all the negativity, demeaning comments, jealousy (I thought my gender was bad) etc... when if fact it could be the second best place to be. Dang shame ......

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