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Where Is The Rib Master

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Just out of curiosity ladies and gentlemen,

Who is this venerebal CTD you speak of and what was the wisdom he spoke of that made you all distressed at his departure????

Sounds like a pretty likeable fellar to me.

It's nice to exchange ideas and maybe the odd discontent, provided it remains within the guidelines of good taste.

Don't forget, it's ok to disagree, just don't take it personal, and most importantly, what goes around comes around!!!


p.s. Are we all ready for the great canadian air race to Ontario in another month or so?????????


:up: :up: :up:

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I think somebody needs to post a definaition of stalking.


If that's stalking, then I guess a couple guys who saw CTD at HAC could be grouped there as well, and I would be even more so myself. I've actually seen him riding his bike, drank in the same bar and flown in behind him...never once feeling the need to say hi.


And for those of you are behind the times, the internet is a powerful tool. If you're a public figure, you better not hope for privacy. Even regular joes aren't immune. Try a search of your own name if you haven't already done so.


#### was out of line if you aren't in the circle of friends. But did he really do anything wrong other than voice his opinion. An opionion that the majority of you all seem to want to protect for yourselves.

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Great points Swinger, but there is a difference between voicing opinions and down right ripping someone's head off or rep. No one is forced to like or dislike others but turning this into a Springer show is embarrassing and senseless. So CTD has some faithful friends, good on him. Personally I would stand by any friend of mine - **** even someone I don't know who is being treated unfairly, just my nature. Anyhow, I hope this gets sorted out soon, I may join the retirement line myself. :(

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#### did in fact state his opinion, but this kind of crap has to stop right here, right now.... and it will.


There are some really terrific people here that bring so much to this wonderful industry, and these types of shots are totally useless and have no class at all.


In my opinion and based on my experience, these types of posts are nothing more then personal attacks. There is no intention in posts like this, to add anything to the level of discussion - and instead, they hurt our community, this industry and this site.


Let's start leaning on each other and stop the pushing.

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Shame on you for taking his (CTD) leaving in vain. He contributed a helluva lot more than some of you individuals think.


As allot of people know CTD and I were at loggerheads more than once and probably will be again, but not on this forum. It will probably be when I introduce him to my friend from Toronto who cooks super doooooper ribs.


Anyhow the only way to put this item to rest is as follows.


I bet you always thought you lived in a society that allowed freedom of speech, not so, when you work for the feds.


You have no idea of the people with little or no brains who are actually making decisions on your behalf.


If you wish to keep reading VORTEX, from somebody from the industry, don't take it out on the rib guy.


Try sending a message to the Minister of Transport and tell him to keep his little lackies at bay and smarten up.


This was in (this forum) actual fact one of the better venues to get feedback and have some input into the VORTEX magazine.




Don McDougall

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OK, let’s put this to rest once and for all.


First, thanks to those who contacted me to let me know this was going on. You know who you are.


Second, thanks to everyone for the kind words. I truly appreciate it.


####, I don’t know what I ever did to you. I don‘t recall ever having ‘made it personal’ with anyone in here - it’s not my style. The only thing close to being a ‘personal attack’ was when I reminded you once on the AS350 discussion that your information was third-hand, which it was, and you took offence to it. Get over it.


I understand that you don’t like it when someone criticises your employer, and that’s a legitimate feeling. You’re not alone in that arena - many of us here have our employers attacked on a daily basis - try working for TC. Or Bell, or CHC. I’ve been dealing with that since I started.


At any rate, I’m prepared to defend any position I put forward on these boards. It is MINE and not Transport Canada’s, I have no authority to speak for them, no more than any of you can speak for your employer. If you cannot accept that premise, then you need to find a new sand box in which to play.


I’m uncharacteristically stuck for words about searching the web for my participation in other forums. While I suppose it’s not illegal, it sure crosses every line of decency and decorum that I am aware of. Downright creepy actually. The scary part of it is that you probably don’t realize how inappropriate it was, and think everyone is over-reacting. They’re not.


Swinger, you don’t think there’s anything wrong with what he did? Do you think you might be letting your personal feelings about me get in the way here? This guy actually brought this up on another thread some months ago, about my 900+ posts on the motorcycle site so he’s obviously been following me around the web for a while. Do you think that would make YOU uncomfortable? Stalking? I don’t know, but it’s not normal behaviour.


Also, for your information, I am NOT a public figure, I am a public employee, and as such have the same rights to privacy as everyone else. My personal life is not open to discussion on this or any other forum, unless I choose to do so. You got that? Granted, the internet is a powerful weapon, and has changed the way we approach privacy forever. I also agree that if I post something I’d better be prepared for the fact that others will see it. That’s fair game, but I still think it’s inappropriate, and frankly indicative of obsessive behaviour, to search for obscure posts about apple wood smoking, and posting them here.


Which reminds me, you never did answer my reply to you on apple wood smoking. It seems you have some personal issues with me as well, being the guy who posted “…we need to stop brown-nosing a particular individual here, he has no higher status than anyone, but it seems everyone likes to snuggle up and pat his back. I have a motorcycle too, and I ride across the country, but does anyone care?”.


And this one " I've actually seen him riding his bike, drank in the same bar and flown in behind him...never once feeling the need to say hi.”


You have the perceived advantage of being anonymous. Given the quality of your posts, you’re obviously not a fool. Might I suggest that the next time you see me riding my bike, drank in the same bar as me, or fly in behind me, you introduce yourself so we can put this on a level playing field. Until that time, I’d invite you to keep your personal feelings about me to yourself.


My decision to leave this board was not a matter of “taking my ball and going home”. The fact is, I’m not fond of the personal attacks on anyone, and it had risen to a level where it wasn’t fun anymore. It seems that view is shared by many, given the lack of participation of many of the old guard. Also, I cannot defend myself in some cases because of who I work for – and a few of you are not mature enough to accept that, and instead, see it as open season.


I joined this group four years and three websites ago, while working for Bell, when someone told me there were questions being raised about the 407 on the original site. I came in, answered the questions, liked the group, and stayed. Since then, my reasons for staying have been to have fun with good people, and to help anyone in any way I can. We’ve had some good arguments over the years, and a lot of fun. As BlackMac said, we’ve butted heads before, sometimes in fairly serious discussion, but how can you not have enormous respect for someone who’s been around as long as him? We’ve since met for coffee and had some wonderful chats. Charles is another example, and although I haven’t met him yet, I look forward to that day.


The western trip was an illustration of the good that this place is capable of. I posted the trip here not because I was looking for attention (I also did another 20K on the bike last year that didn’t make it into this forum), but because it contained so much participation from the CAaviation gang. We were welcomed or invited into the homes of old friends, new friends, and folks we’d never met - 407 Driver, downwash, 4961, touchdown, Deuce Bigalow, 100ft, Randy G (but he had to work), twinstar.ca (but I missed him through my own stupidity), and Rosco. They helped make the trip the best vacation we ever had, and I’m sure they enjoyed being part of it. I have also opened my home to people from this forum. Some are old friends, some are new, some were passing through or looking for that first job.


Some of you seem offended by the fact that I’ve made it to a point in my life where I can load my lovely lady on the back of a bike and tour the country visiting friends, or go on trips to ‘Fruit Lake’ with other friends. I’m truly sad for you, but it’s YOUR problem, not mine, nor that of my friends. I do my job well, run two businesses on the side, and have eaten plenty of flies to get to this point, and don’t plan on begging anyone’s forgiveness for it. Nor will I apologize the fact that I have earned the friendship of so many good people.


I’m frankly a little bothered by the attention this has received. I certainly don’t want to be the centre of any controversy around here, and I’m sure that Kyle has had it with the babysitting.


And finally, my apologies to you, Kyle, for the grief.

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Hello CTD

I truly hope your back to play in this wounderfull sandbox of ours.Sorry about posting the thread.That was or is the most views of any thread Iv ever posted.I guess it just shows how much everyone or most everyone respects you and your point of view.I strongly agree with RDM that we should all suck back and reload.Sometimes these things look more like a teenagers chat line than a group of professional aviators that we profess to be.

Cheers...........................................................Mini :up:

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