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Where Is The Rib Master

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Some time ago you gave me support and helped me calm down and get a grip on things.


Life is slowly coming back to normal for me, my problem with TC was the last thing I ever imagined I would have, made me feel something like coming home and finding someone sodomizing my dog.....however like everything in life time changes things and what was all enveloping one day becomes a vague memory later down the road.


The fact that you and CD post and support the grunts is enough to put a real plus in for TC.


Now I am going to be real busy for a while because every co..s....r that owns or wants to own a PBY is bugging me to either ferry one or train them so things are improving because I'm busy.


Now for my real reason for posting.


Either you get back to your normal posting and forget all this B.S. or I'll get off the next flight from overseas in Toronto and come up to Ottawa and kick the living s.it out of you. :up: :up:


But lets hope if I do I don't get carried away and visit a few who I'm not all that impressed with in Tower C and keep kicking just because I'm there. :D:D


Rev. Chas W.

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More's the pity, nu? When we lose any input (except the personal bashing) on here, we're all losers. When we lose some as knowledgeable and authoritative as CTD's, it's definitely time to take stock. My knickers have been as hot as anyone's over some of the character assassination that's been the norm here lately and, as in anything else, when there's trouble I look to management. That's where the buck stops. Kyle, I know you're a busy man, with many other oars in the water, but I think you let things get too far out of hand in here this year. I'm reminded of the NHL when a referee like Andy van Hellemond makes a value judgement to let the 'boys' play until things get out of hand. To me, at least, the role of the referee, moderator, or manager is to arrest the negative momentum before it takes on the proportions of disaster, and when we start losing, for what I sincerely believe to be absolutely valid reasons, input from the likes of CTD (or, let's say, cap, blackmac, Charles W or grease monkey) we've really 'lost it.' I left here for a few months earlier on for quite similar reasons (and no, I don't think I'm any great loss - just one who cares about our industry) and I can't seem to marshall for myself arguments to stay on. Hopefully, if blackie can't retrieve his fumbled(?) ball, someone else will pick it up (as he's so often suggested) and take it across the line. In the meantime, let's try and keep it cleaner, gang, and Kyle, blow that whistle more often, won't you? See you at the bowser at sundown. B)

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I could not agree with you more, and from now on, I will be a blowing it, that tis for sure.


I will be contacting those that have moderated and wish to moderate and we will all try to bring this conversation to a new level.

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CTD, that post was as well written as that excellent newsletter you are the editor of.

Thank you, for both.


Absolutly! CTD your comments are always welcome. Even after 27 years of "leaving the earth" to earn a living, there is still plenty to learn from the others on this forum.


Why do we need to get so defensive when someone posts their opinion, which may differ from ours? Don't remember anything in the rules of the forum that said I had to accept whatever was posted, regardless of what it is. :shock:


To those who "know it all", there is not much room (or need) in this forum for you. Lets keep it above the table and act like the professionals that we want other to think we are... :D

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