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Where Is The Rib Master

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SEE??!!???.............. :angry:


see what happens!!????!!!!!!!! :angry:


i finally take a couple days to enjoy the sun, bike, wife....(in no particular order) and everything goes for Sheeee-iiiitte muslim around here! :shock: :shock:


reminded of what the ol' man used to say: "you want me to pull over?? i will and i'll beat your *****!!""don't tempt me!!" :angry:


let's all shake hands and be friends....."K"??

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Perhaps it's also the issue of anonymity? Things seem a whole lot more respectful when people don't know who they're talking to, which is actually quite sad. Maybe we could get the boys/girls who have left due to this rash of immaturity to come back under a new callsign and get this forum back to the way it was a year or so ago...

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