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Well done Sir!!!


Please tell me - from when this same pump problem happened to me in a 350D Astar years ago- what was more annoying - the problem or that !@#$%^ Horn :wacko: .


Please drink a beer on me and send me the bill! Biggles will know where to send it!!

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Hey, well that ad is not in use yet here. So I got the old belt again..... Good one today we had a checkride with the gov inspector today..(not Canada) for a couple of the boys here and he decided to simulate a screenfailure and switched the screen off... needles to say after shutdown nothing worked again.. the techs had some fun with that one.....the key word is hard reboot...Hey sharkbait.....come here and have some good one (beer).........lol..... B)

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Excellent job! Beers should be on the house. :up:

I remember my last hyd failure in '99 on the way to a fire in the interior of Alaska and after I turned the horn off (how annoying) and hit "nearest airport" on my GPS I got Galena at 83 nautical miles. One hour and 15 minutes later landed safely, but the shaking in my right arm didn't go away for days, it seems (just like a fish story...).

I still have the piece of the hydraulic pump that failed and will perform "show-and-tells" after sufficient lubrication. ;)

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