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Maintenance Tracking Software

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The keeping of your data on their server is an issue with me. Especially at the price you pay for some of these programs.


I agree, you can get it on your own server as well but I think the smaller operators might not want to go the cost of that item.

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Not up to snuff on any of this but I would think some of the larger companies would have systems that work with the utmost ease available, to keep cost down. My buddy Emile Lupien (RIP) started working on one 74/75 with the original Canadian in Montreal. I would imagine a few others have them. Would be a good item for HAC to invest in.


My thoughts only, do as you wish.


Cheers, Don


PS: The existing interm Pres. of HEPAC has a background in programming as does Skidz.

Put them to work.

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Used W_NAIR and hated it, wished I could've dumped it but the company had spent so much on it already they were trying to make it do!!


Currently using Aerochex, by Airworthiness Resources Corp (hope it's ok to name the company in a positive note) which seems to be a good system for smaller to medium size operators (less than 20 machines). Need internet and easy realtime hookup to the server, not too pricey either. Fairly easy to use and reasonable support. Tracks whatever you want to add into it (inventory, tools, AME License, training, Pilot training, etc)in addition to the Helicopter data. Forecasts, purchas orders, I haven't yet figured it all out, but working on it. All this and it's an Alberta product!! :)

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we have switched from Avbase to SaSims and wish we hadn't. Way too much paper, each item is a separate work card and needs initials and signatures on the bottom for every little thing. It also has trouble keeping track of events like your last 50 hr insp. if you call it event 2 or event 3 then event 4 should be 50 hrs later but SaSims tracks it from the last event 4 which ends up being wrong. Plus you have to be hooked up to the internet constantly and its server keeps dropping you and you need to log in again every time.

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I am at a small operator and we are using Avbase. I don't seem to mind it, mind you it's all I've used. I did find it a bit on the frustrating side when I first got hired on but I got sent for training at Avbase and I don't find it all that bad. I am really only using the maintenance tracking/forecasting and purchase order sections of it. We also only have the lite version.

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We started with Aerochex and it is a great program but we outgrew it. We replaced it with Airborne Data Systems and spent the last year working with the software developers to make it so we could have a 100% paperless system. We even got approval from Transport Canada to use it as the technical records for our fleet. The only paper we see is the original tags accompanying parts when we receive them from the vendors. They are PDF copied during the receiving inspection and filed. The work orders are electronic as well and when a part is used, we punch in the tag number and it electronically attaches the certification of the part to the task and automatically withdraws it from inventory. I can assign any work order and inspection to any aircraft in the fleet from my office. When the engineer on that aircraft logs on to the system, he sees what work is outstanding for that aircraft. Conversely, when the engineers perform maintenance, I see it as soon as it is completed. Don't have to wait for the paper work to find its way back to the hangar.

Our inspection manuals are also intergrated in the program, no more paper inspection manuals. All inspection tasks are signed off electronically. When the engineers complete the inspections, the program updates the tracking automatically. No more chasing weekly reports, airframe times etc. There are also a bunch of fail safes built in: can't close a work order untill all tasks are completed (leak checks, duals, test flights etc). It basically takes out 95% of the possibilities for the engineers to make paperwork mistakes or forget to do important tasks or send us important information. All the work is done and certified with electronic signatures as per CAR requirements so we don't have to write a novel in the journey log anymore. The information is all stored on our sever in our facility and backed up off site daily.

We started using it fully a few weeks back and so far, I've trained almost all my guys and it took about 20 minutes for each guy. I trained 3 guys today in about an hour. Very easy to use. It's not perfect and we will be working out glitches for a while to come but at least, it is very customizable to each operator's needs/preferences. We are able to use this program anywhere there is internet access (which is almost anywhere these days!)

There is also a back up system where internet access is not available.

Also, it is technically possible to use our Skytrac satellite system to transfer information from each aircaft to our server but we haven't had the time/money to make that happen yet.

When this is operational, internet access will no longer be a concern.

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Well so far I've used WinAir a fair bit and I think it would be great if you ran a schedualed airline but it isn't flexable enough for helicopter operations.


I've just started using Comutrak and ATP recently, Computrak seems like beta software to me not software thats been around for over ten years. The interface is clunky and you can't get rid the defalt aircraft and data.


ATP reminds me of the software we used at SAIT 10 years ago, it isn't very user friendly, may be once I use it a bit more it will make sense.



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We use the advanced version of AMS aircraft maintenance and inventory manager. I only worked with CALM and AMS so far, so I cannot compare with other systems.

AMS is user friendly, and the database is located in one of your computers (company server or even a laptop if you are running a one-man-show !). You can set up any cycle, either written in the log-book, or calculated from existing cycles or air time, using an easy interface.

The reports are generated on Microsoft Word, so you can transfer them from the base to anybody by e-mail. Speaking about reports, the status reports are not my preferred, (too many pages), and if you choose for example “sort by time remaining, hours”, the calendar or cycle items will come on the beginning of the report, without being sorted at all ! I reported that to AMS, and hope they will correct this. Another problem so far is that you can’t set 2 limits of the same nature on one item. (You can set for example 2000 hours and 5000 cycles and 120 months on the same item, but not inspection 2000 hrs, and O/H 3000 hrs.)

You can set a different alert for all the items or inspections individually. Once you reach the alert threshold (either air time, any cycle or calendar time remaining), they will appear in a very useful “forecast list”, also in Word format.

You have other possibilities, like follow the AD’s, keep the weight and balance files, create work orders…

If you want some training, you can either go to AMS, or do it on line, at your convenience, and pay by the hour.

Inventory Manager is also nice to use.

And, whatever the system you use, don’t forget to save your data regularly !! :o:o




The AMS Status Report has not been designed to plan maintenance (the Forecast List is), so this is why it is a long report showing all necessary information on tasks (hours, calendar, cycles, etc). As we are always willing to listen and act on customers' issues and concerns, it is in our plan to re-work the status report to suit customers' needs. If there is anything we can do to help you, do not hesitate to contact us.


Best regards,


AMS team.

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