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anyone else watch this show?? i notice they have been re-running several episodes.... today was steve miller and his 206 TWM doing the polar bear thing... nice show...


have also seen the ontario air ambulance, a great one featuring randy h when he was still with us and the rcmp, and of course, chef brad var d and SWMBO during voisey...


fun to watch... well done all!!! :up:

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i don't think they are making new ones, either, mark... a shame... would have been cool to see an episode on when GSH did it's great pilot idol thing, would be nice to see one on the engineers as well... they always seem to get left out... kind of like the newspaper thank you's... the docs and nurses and fire dept always got thanked... us poor paramedics got left out all the time!!! :huh:

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Guest Angry Egg Driver
I watch Flightpath all the time whenever I'm not babysitting Pilots. :D:D Another good show is Mayday. Quite interesting to see how a lot of accidents start with events that take place long before the actual accident happens.


Another dig at pilots.I bet your a pleasure to work with.After 50 years in the business are you sure its not the pilots that have to babysit you???

I'm sorry if your offfended and i'm sure that i will hear about this from the good old boys on here but give it a break with the high and mighty engineer crap cause its getting old....no pun intended.

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Can only speak for myself 'Angry Egg Driver' but I resemble those remarks of yours and am very proud to have to be 'baby-sat'. I consider that one of the unwritten 'wussy-duties' of any newbie.........is to make sure that the 'ol fart's glass....er, I mean cup.....is never empty. This is not done for free you understand because 'ol fart's didn't work for nothing either 'back in the day', no matter what you bloody-well heard to the contrary. :lol::P Sooooooo there!!.

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