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Hi all,

I'm a 26 year old who is very commited to making the right choices for a career in flying. The school I'm planning to attend is a part 61 and I need to be able to get some financial assistance, also I would like to have as broad a knowledge base in aviation as possible to be marketable. I am new to the aviation world and I would like to totally immerse myself. On the other hand, both programs that I am aware of are out of state so the cost would be more than getting an unrelated degree from a local (Lake Tahoe, Ca.) school.




-Has anyone out there gotten a degree from these online programs and was it a good experience?


-How did financing work out and did you have a good chunk left over for flight training after tuition?


-What is the view in the industry of these schools (Embry Riddle and Utah Valley University) and what kind of benefits will a degree from one have versus the other in the job market?


-Are there similar programs out there that you would recommend?



I hope this is not too specific as this is my first post, I've been a lurker for a while. I really appreciate anyone sharing their experience.


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