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Trans Quebec Helicopters

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For those that worked at TQH at one time or another, there will be a reunion May 15th - all are invited.


Place & Time = Andre Lachapelle's "Brasserie #12" in Lachine anywhere between 17H - 18H.


PM or e-mail me for further info or if you plan on coming. I will put you on the list!




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Well,Well,Well,Is this for real????????????I would truly like to come,or is this a late April Fools joke???????If its for real Id like to know so that I may contact other people who may like to come but do not visit this site.........


Cheers Mini

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Mini, this is not an April Fools thing. All true. In fact, we use to have them every other year. Gary Brown would periodically bring us together. After his "departure"

it all stopped. PM me your email address or something, I will forward you the invite, phone no.s etc ... to confirm.


Look forward to seeing you there ...


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Hello Biggles. Im just curious,would these initials belong to you?? M.E.

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Naw Mini, I'm a KP.


Ok, here's the invite to all TQH'ers :


May 15 2004 @ 17H00

Brasserie #12

32nd Ave, Lachine


Confirm with:

Francine Pilon 450-373-9268





Andre Martel 418-668-3046



Very close to the best days ever, I just like to think that there are yet better ones to come! :D

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AH they were fun DAZE :lol:

Fun and games in Matagami - remember those trailers at the hangar?

Chapais and Chibougamau - Camp 8, 7, 6, ect

Sept Isles. Schefferville, Lab City - Working on the Railroad.

Summer time in the Gaspe. :rolleyes: "Replacement ! - Are you insane? - Why would I want a replacement - I'd have to go home!!! Send more money, flight reports and parts. Then leave me alone!"

Any time in Bagtown.

The gatherings of the clan in LG-2, 3, 4, Lac Pau ( everyone on 122.8 ) or wherever.

Trout fishing in the evening.

Fires in Ontario, Drill moves in Lupin, Uranium rush in Baker lake, Staking in Timmins, Bird towing everywhere. Laser.

Summer on Hudson Strait ( windy ain't it ?)

Fly in Lunch at Mon Village.

Those B-52 missions in the bar ( This swill ain't fit for pigs - whose round is it )

600 hours a year for sure - double flight pay after that


Harvey Easton, "Rocket" Roy Hiebel, Jim Moss, Jean Paul Parent, Red McKinnon, Ray Ryan.


John and Peter Smiley, John Kaza where are you now?

Camel F

John WHO? practicing outos everywhere.


Hydro Quebec Camps :up: and SEBJ Camps. :down:

Casey Heaters

those -40 mornings.

Sunrise over everywhere on the first flight and sunset on the last.

Blade and body covers.

Rolling Barrels - pumping fuel. - My weren't we in good shape.

KM 381 ( the penal colony )

Great Whale - who named it that??? Nothing great about it.

Tachographs ( Hand me the bung wrench - this one's still serviceable )


Those beautiful L1s - I still say C-GLMM was the best helicopter ever built.

All the Astar problems. (" No you do't get a day off after you do a successful outo onto an 100 foot round island in the LG-2 reservoir - if I do it for you I'll have to do it for everyone!")

The twinstar on fixed floats.

Long Line ????? What's a long line???


The people - it was always the people! :)

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