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Flight School Enrollment?


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Some are up but a good majority are down about 30% or so. The smaller ones have been handing in OC''s left, right and center and only the big schools are sticking around, many of which didn''t make money in the last year.


They have to continue finding new ways to attract customers and once they have them in the building remember to put the customer first. Show them the enthusiasm you had after your first solo!

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There is always a way to build a better mouse trap.


I am starting a specialized kind of flight training business that does not require an FTU-OC.


The idea is to upgrade those who already have Commercial licenses to improve their chances of employment.


My intention is to offer tailwheel training, upset recovery training and a Bush Flying course both wheels and floats....


One definite plus will be not having to deal with the TC flight training crowd.


Oh, and the M&M crowd.


Chas W..

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