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Engine Failure (x 2)

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We got word here that one of them definitely had the relight armed, and that a relight actually exacerbated the lack of a successful auto. Apparently he was hovering along a road in heavy snow (shudder!) when she calved, probably after swallowing one of those snowslugs that will build up in just those flight conditions. The lessons we keep learning, over and over!!! <_<

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Also confused by how the auto relight prevented a successful auto. An auto relight is a great thing and has prevented many accidents. Touch wood never had one flameout but many people I know have had them(mostly in 500's) and it was a non event. I would be curious to know which type of relight they had as the torque sensing one in my opinion would allow a greater degree of safety as the relight should come on sooner than the Bell (55% N1 I believe).


Were the a/c fitted with reverse scoops or particle seperators and snow deflectors installed?


If the a/c were kitted out properly they should be able to hover in falling or blowing snow for 20 minutes, following a road in bad weather is not unusual nor unsafe depending upon what the visibility is like. Having been flying in 1/2 mile vis along(over) a road myself have had to land when it got worse, it seems like they were pushing a bit harder?



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